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The Club was formed in the 1980’s by a small group of dedicated Bonsai enthusiasts. The first meetings were held at members’ homes with an emphasis on hands on activities. Thus the workshop format and approach to monthly meetings was developed.

As the group steadily grew, a more practical venue was found - the
Girl Guide Hall in Doubleview.

The Bonsai Workshop monthly meetings are informal, where members work on their trees, 
exchange ideas, share knowledge and help newer members.

A monthly newsletter provides handy hints, seasonal recommendations, book reviews and much more.
The club has an extensive and expanding library for members’ use.

Regular exhibitions are held where members display their trees for public appreciation and education.
In 1997 The Bonsai Workshop sponsored a visit by Japanese Bonsai Demonstrator Hirotoshi Saito, who is now a regular member of the club’s mentor group.

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